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¿Cúal es el piercing que duele menos?

The level of pain felt when getting a piercing can vary greatly depending on the area where the piercing is performed, the technique used, individual pain tolerance, and other factors. However, in general, you could say that there are some piercings that tend to be more painful than others.

  • Lobe: 2
  • Upper Lobe: 2
  • Nostril: 4
  • Septum: 5
  • Eyebrow: 5
  • Language: 6
  • Daith : 6
  • Tragus: 6
  • Helix Zone: 6
  • Rook: 6
  • Conch – Orbital: 6
  • Forward Helix : 6
  • flat : 6
  • Lips: 7
  • Nipple: 7
  • Belly button: 8

Note : It is important to note that these are just general estimates and each person may experience pain differently. Additionally, piercing pain is temporary.


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What is the piercing that hurts the least?