What is a PIERCING?

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¿Qué es un piercing? Todo lo que necesitas saber

Piercings, beyond being a trend that has continued over the years, have become a way to express your personality, a desire to feel free and explore your individuality or simply give a new twist to your look. through body piercings, because as human beings we constantly want changes and novelties that surprise us and give a fresh air to the hectic routines of daily life.

There are as many styles as there are tastes and it doesn't just say so. HELIX BODY JEWELRY but for some time now actresses and influencers such as Gal Gadot (wonder woman 2020), Scarlett Johansson (actress), Miley Cyrus (singer), Rihanna (singer) have shown that you can wear beautiful pieces that add style and security to your look, in addition to all the diversity of jewelry that currently exists, they allow you to create beautiful combinations according to your taste, occasion and need. Of course, at HELIX we work to provide you with all the variety and quality in one place.

If you are new to this entire piercing universe, we recommend these tips in general (depending on the type of piercing, care varies)

  • First of all, always go to professionals
  • The piercing must be done with a needle, avoid doing it with a gun
  • Choose a titanium jewelry because it is the most recommended material for piercings since it is hypoallergenic and has high acceptance in the body, very few people have an allergic reaction to titanium.
  • Follow all safety and care measures indicated by the piercer.
  • Clean with saline solution, avoid alcohol, sea salt and/or solutions that previously generate more inflammation.


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