What is the best material for a piercing?

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Cuáles son los mejores materiales para piercings

Knowing how to choose the material for your piercing should always be a very important issue because a good healing process depends on it, especially in newly made piercings. In addition, having a quality piece that does not rust and that you can wear for a long time should be be of interest to you.

The most important thing when choosing the material for your jewelry is to consider that it does not rust and that it is nickel-free since this will prevent infections. Remember that a piercing is still a wound and you must protect your skin and your health by choosing materials of high quality.

Among the materials that, by their nature, do not oxidize, we have

Titanium , Gold, Surgical Steel


As we have mentioned on multiple occasions, titanium is one of the best materials par excellence, it is also the lightest therefore it is very comfortable to wear and in initial piercings and in the healing process, Titanium will always be our first recommendation. Another advantage that Titanium offers is that it can change its color through processes such as PVD and anodization, without affecting its physical and chemical properties. Even if these colors fade, it does not put the safety of the person who uses it at risk. since loss of color is NOT considered oxidation.

Note: PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition is a process by which titanium jewelry is coated with a hardened and biocompatible layer of 24Kt gold.


Gold , like Titanium, is a biocompatible metal, that is, in the vast majority of people it is highly accepted by the body without generating allergic reactions. It is also a good option for your piercing because it is a highly durable metal but At the same time, it is malleable, meaning that you will have different designs with excellent quality and finally, gold will always be a material recognized as a sign of elegance and glamour, both for daily use and for formal events. One of its disadvantages could be the price since compared to a piece of Titanium or steel, its price can be quite high.

Surgical steel

A piercing made of this material is hypoallergenic and compatible with already healed piercings. It is not really recommended for initial piercings because it can contain nickel in small proportions and if there are other much safer materials, our recommendation is that you opt for them as your first choice.

Titanium bar plus topper in steel and copper alloy

Piercings made of this material can be your choice but in completely healed piercings, they will never be considered suitable options for initial or newly made piercings because as the name indicates, the jewel is not completely made of Titanium, they have a titanium bar and an alloy topper. steel and copper. One of the advantages is that this last material is quite malleable and allows for a greater variety of designs that titanium suddenly does not offer.


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