Recommendations and Basic Care

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Cuidados básicos de tu piercing
  • First of all, always go to professionals
  • The piercing must be done with a needle, avoid doing it with a gun
  • Choose a titanium jewelry because it is the most recommended material for piercings since it is hypoallergenic and has high acceptance in the body, very few people have an allergic reaction to titanium.
  • Follow all safety and care measures indicated by the piercer.
  • Clean with saline solution, avoid alcohol, sea salt and/or solutions that previously generate more inflammation.

During Piercing healing:

Avoid exposing your piercing to the sun for too long.

Do not consume alcohol, caffeine or drugs during healing

Avoid swimming pools and saunas during healing.

Prevent creams, perfumes and makeup from falling into your piercing.

Avoid sleeping in the piercing area or rubbing against any object.

Cleanse twice a day with physiological saline

Jewelry Materials


It is biocompatible with the human body

Does not corrode upon contact with body and external fluids

Does not cause allergies.

Highly accepted by the human body and is used in the medical industry for implants

Jewelry Care

As it is a highly resistant material, the care basically consists of cleaning the jewelry with water and antibacterial soap.


Remove the jewel during the pool bath and/or contact with the sea

Remove the jewelry during physical activity

Avoid makeup and perfumes



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