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Descubre a nuestros piercers aliados en Medellin, expertos en perforaciones y comprometidos en ofrecerte una experiencia única.

Meliza Vahos

I nstagram: vahos.piercing


Address: Sector Niquia Dg 55 #32 12 Floor 2 Bello Antioquia

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WhatsApp 3116172669

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Piercing Medellin. Piercier profesional

Felo Diaz

Instagram: Piercing | Manu


Address: Mesa neighborhood Cra 38 # 38 sur 64. Envigado, Antioquia

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WhatsApp 3008663351

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Brian Molina

Instagram: Piercing | The Bra


Address: La Buena Mesa, Cl. 30 Sur #45A - 12, Zone 2, Envigado, Antioquia

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WhatsApp 3004607028

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Descubre a nuestros piercers aliados en Bogotá, expertos en perforaciones y comprometidos en ofrecerte una experiencia única


Descubre a nuestros piercers aliados en Barranquilla, expertos en perforaciones y comprometidos en ofrecerte una experiencia única.

Jose Orellano

Instagram: imsulina_piercer


Dirección: Calle 79 #49c - 38 Centro Historico, Barranquilla, Atlántico

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WhatsApp 3014833400

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What material are the piercings made of?

We have two types of material
✨1 TITANIUM is the most recommended material for piercings because it is hypoallergenic, does not rust and is nickel free
✨ 2 titanium bar plus steel and copper alloy topper that is recommended when the piercing is healthier

💎Titanium does not change color, it does not oxidize. Over time it does suffer natural wear and tear and may lose a little shine.


By: Helix Body Jewelry

Which piercing hurts the least?

The level of pain felt when getting a piercing can vary greatly depending on the piercing area, the technique used, individual pain tolerance, and other factors.


By: Helix Body Jewelry

What you should know before getting pierced
  1. First of all, always go to professional PIECERS .
  2. The piercing must be done with a needle, avoid doing it with a gun.
  3. Choose a titanium jewelry because it is the most recommended material for piercings since it is hypoallergenic and has high acceptance in the body. Very few people have an allergic reaction to titanium.
  4. Follow all safety and care measures indicated by the piercer.
  5. Clean with physiological saline. Avoid alcohol, sea salt and/or solutions that generate inflammation.

By: Helix Body Jewelry

How do I know if my piercing is infected?

The best way to recognize an infected piercing is to observe the condition of the area and infection is determined when there is redness around the area, localized heat or fever, pain to the touch, and pus (yellowish and bad-smelling).
If you detect it in time, you can take measures to improve the situation so that the piercing continues its normal healing.

By: Manuela Ramírez

Can I drink liquor after getting a piercing?

Drinking liquor is not relevant when performing a piercing, it is only recommended not to do so within 24 hours after the piercing as it can cause unusual bleeding and inflammation.

By: Manuela Ramírez

Can I go into the pool after getting a piercing?

NO, a piercing is a wound that, no matter how small it may seem, can cause an infection and alter your state of health. Take care of yourself in swimming pools, Turkish baths, saunas, jacuzzis or the sea until at least a month after the procedure to avoid problems with it.

By: Manuela Ramírez

Why is the needle better than the gun?

When piercing with a gun, the skin suffers trauma since the mole, the one who exerts the pressure for the piercing, bursts and enters as if it were a gunshot, while when piercing with the needle, the bevel of the needle makes a small and fine cut which cares for and protects the area.

By: Manuela Ramírez


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