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joyas para la oreja de alta calidad

Joya para piercing Aro Libia

Explora la belleza y la originalidad con nuestra joya para piercing Aro Libia. Caracterizada por tener un relieve más amplio y doble pedrería en zircones que añaden versatilidad y elegancia....
joyas en titanio grado implante


LABRET LEONOR 💎 This jewel has an exclusive and different design because it consists of a half-moon bar and a double chain appliqué, giving a sophisticated and elegant appearance. Due...
joyas para piercing helix, septum, daith, upper lobe, lobulo y conh

Gem Hoop

Gem Hoop ✅ This piercing is characterized by having a larger hexagonal zircon on the front, giving the appearance of a precious gem. Additionally, it is a ring with double stones...
piercing oreja, perforaciones en zona helix, flat, conch, tragus, foward helix, lobulo y upper lobe

Celine Labret

LABRET CELINE 💎 These piercings are part of the "Big" jewelry collection and we love this because with just one piercing you can create a striking and different Ear Look....
piercing oro

Zircon Nose Piercing

ZIRCON NOSE This jewel should be among your nose piercing collection ✅ because it is made of titanium, hypoallergenic, easy to use clicker system and having zircon inlays it provides...
Piercing Bogotá, Medellin,  colombia, cali, bucaramanga, cucuta, cartagena, barranquilla, pereira y manizales

Heart Piercing

HEART PIERCING 💎 In jewelry, the heart figure has always remained a favorite because it represents femininity, love and beauty and this is exactly what this collection evokes. We bring...
joyas para piercing elaboradas en titanio

Lotus Piercing

LOTUS PIERCING This piercing is shaped like small, delicate petals with a hanging appliqué that is on trend for labret jewelry. Due to its size and style, it is ideal...
piercing de la oreja con piedras de lujo

Euphoria Piercing

EUPHORIA PIERCING This labret is a dazzling crown-shaped piece, which stands out for being inlaid with 38 violet opal. This piercing will undoubtedly make you look beautiful, elegant and with...
nariz piercing


Clicker Sky ✅ This jewel stands out for having blue (aqua) and AB zirconia stone inlays that reflect light in a unique way since the range of colors varies when...
pendientes para oreja


AGATA Hoop 💎 This jewel will undoubtedly make your piercings stand out in a beautiful way because its double stone feature makes it striking and exclusive. It is made of...
piercing oreja hombre

Lety Hoop

Lety Hoop ✅ This hoop continues the trend of double hoops, it stands out for having a smooth line and another with zircon inlays that enhances the beauty and elegance...
piercing en colombia tienda online

Piercing en titanio Azalea

LABRET AZALEA 💎 Flower-shaped piercings will definitely always be at the top of your favorites because they are feminine, delicate and complement your Ear Look very well with other hoop-type...