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Luxury Kamala| 0ro 14k

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Material: Gold

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Luxury Kamala

This piercing made of solid 14K gold is inspired by the lotus flower, a symbol
sacred of growth and improvement and to make it even more distinguished it is adorned
with three hexagonal grade 5A cubic zirconia stones. Perfect for your piercings located in the Helix , Daith , Tragus , Flat , Lobe and Upper Lobe .

  • Thickness 1.2mm (16G)
  • Length 8mm
  • Topper 5mm/4mm
  • Material: Solid 14K Gold
  • Grade 5A Cubic Zirconia Stone
  • System: Push Pin
  • Price is per unit

14K Gold Piercing

Our collection of gold piercings are made of solid 14K gold and stone.
grade 5A cubic zirconia, which resembles the unsurpassed brilliance that precious stones emit; With our gold piercing you will have high quality and designer jewelry that you can use every day or for a special occasion; ideal for piercings in the Helix Zone , Daith , Tragus , Flat , Lobe , Upper Lobe , Nostril and Septum . .

Our designs are created so that you can elevate your Ear Look to the highest level and show off your
piercing with elegance and sophistication.

Our commitment to quality and hygiene are fundamental, we must always
assure our customers that their jewelry is completely new and therefore have
Keep in mind that piercings have no change since they are considered an element of
implant that comes into contact with body fluids.
Before completing your purchase you must be very sure of characteristics such as measurements and materials, since the responsibility for a bad choice falls directly on the
buyer. If you have doubts you can validate with your trusted piercer or with our
team of advisors.
The warranty on our gold jewelry is 12 months for manufacturing defects, not for
poor handling of products.